July 3, 1975

Crimson - 2

Stampede wants to race Jade to a Gas 4 Cash.

Taurus: "Look out, Vixen. I'm feelin' the need for speed, baby."

Jade: "What do you have in mind?"

Taurus: "Friendly little road race. First one to the Gas 4 Cash up ahead, wins."

Jade: "The usual wager?"

Taurus: "Loser has to clean Skeeter's van."

Jade: "What, can't find anything more torturous?"

Taurus: "No."

Jade: "You're on, big man."

Taurus: "Good. Ready...? SET GO!"

And they floor it.

Taurus: "Stampede in the lead!"

Jade: "Not for long. Remember, you're dealing with a pro."

Jade overtakes Taurus.

Jade: "You're looking real good in my rear view mirror, Stampede."

Taurus: "Ah, let's see how good I look puttin' a couple o' rounds in your ass."

Jade: "Bring it on, baby!"

Taurus and Jade approach a dirt road.

Taurus: "Haha, think I'll take a little detour. See you at the finish line."

Jade: "Whatever you think helps. You big chickenshit."

Taurus takes the lead.

Taurus: "Thought you said you were a pro, Vixen. Would that be a: procrastinator?"

Jade: "No, that would be as in projectile. Up your ass..."

Taurus: "Damn, more like: profane."

Taurus approaches the finish line.

Taurus: "Whohoo, only a little ways more before I am the victor! Vixen, I'll radio Skeeter and let him know the good news."

Jade: "What? That you're gonna clean out that shithole of a van?"

Taurus: "#$%^% Ah ah, I can't hear ya. '#$%^% Ah, too busy winnin'."

Jade takes the lead again.

Taurus: "Ah ah, Code Zebra! Ah, Code Zebra! Ah, incoming bandits! Ah, Vixen you better bug out!"

Jade: "Nice try."

The Gas 4 Cash is now in sight.

Jade: "Not too much farther, Stampede. Better break out that scrubbrush. Or are you just gonna use your 'fro?"

Taurus: "Damn... That is cold, baby."

Jade wins.

Jade: "Still got it."

Taurus: "Damn, nice driving Vixen... Real clean..."

A woman comes on the CB.

Crimson: "Vixen, I thought I recognized your pathetic little... whatever. Should've thought twice about killing Wingnut and Bad Moon back in Odessa. I was rather fond of the two. Of course, I've been WISHING for the chance to bury you."

Taurus: "You wanna go, Crimson?"

Crimson: "Stampede, this is between me and Vixen. Stay out of it, unless you wanna end up lying next to your friend, lover, whatever the hell she is."

Jade: "Crimson... Careful what you wish for."

One of the goons is iced.

Crimson: "Impressive, Jade!"

Jade: "Name's Vixen, bitch!"

Another creeper blows up and the bitch calls for back-up.

Crimson: "Not bad. But, as I always say, the more the merrier. Guys, come join the fun."

More creepers show up.

Taurus: "Vixen, watch your six. More goons."

A high pitched scream comes over the CB as the bitch finally blows up.


They mop the floor with the new arrivals. Jade comes on the CB.

Jade: "Hey, you copy, Stampede?"

Taurus: "Go ahead, Vixen."

Jade: "Nice work. Thanks."

Taurus: "My pleasure, baby. Nothing like a good old fashioned American catfight. With lots of guns..."

Jade: "Glad I could be of service."

Other quotes Edit

  • Losing the race.
Crimson - 3

Taurus: "Chalk another one up for Master Taurus."

Jade: "Luck, Stampede. All luck..."

  • Shooting at Taurus.
Crimson - 4

Taurus: "Oh, that's it. Your sorry ass is mine! Man, you about to get FUNKED up! Psycho fool!"

Crimson - 5

Taurus: "Better watch that shit, Vixen."

Crimson - 6

Taurus: "Try that shit again, and I'll blow you right the hell outta here."

Crimson - 7

Taurus: "Vixen, you know better than to mess with my ride. Race is over."

  • Leaving Taurus behind to fight the creepers.
Crimson - 8

Crimson: "What's the matter, Vixen? Need your big bad bodyguard to fight your battles?"

  • Taurus taking the lead.
Crimson - 9

Taurus: "Vixen, you're lookin' real cute. In my rear view mirror."

Jade: "Yeah, I'll be even cuter when I knock you and Eloise the hell off the road. Big mouth."