February 3, 1976

Nice Try
Nice Try
Nice Try
Natty Dread

Natty Dread is heading East on the 70 near Plains. A fellow Rider comes on the CB.

Voodoo Rider: "Breaker breaker one nine, looking for some Mojo. Come back."

Natty Dread: "This is Natty Dread. Talk to me."

Voodoo Rider: "Dread, what's your twenty?"

Natty Dread: "Headin' East on the 70, about ten miles from Crowell."

Creeper: "Good, got word some cowboys are hold up in an old ranch house in your area. That sucker who hit us with the Wolf Raiders back in Amarillo is there. Stampede. Find the place. Find any cowboys. Take 'em all out."

Natty Dread: "About time for a little payback. Be my pleasure. Natty Dread out."

Down the road, a road block awaits Natty.

Snake Vargas: "Stampede, this is Snake Vargas. Come back. Creeper headin' in."

Taurus: "Man, why you bothering me? Wacks the fool!"

Snake Vargas: "Roger that. Out."

The road block doesn't last long. Both cars are blown up. Another vigilante tries to lure Natty away.

Shadow Tree: "Stampede, come back. This is Shadow Tree. Creeper's moving with the purpose. Looks like one of the Voodoo Riders. My twenty? The old ghost town."

Taurus: "Roger, Shadow Tree. Keep on him."

Natty Dread: "Hey, Stampede. You and the Wolf Raiders' pretty tough back in Amarillo. What do you say you step up and show me how much a badass you really are?"

Taurus: "Natty Dread, hell, I ain't got time for your petty bullshit. You wanna funk it up? Come find me, shithead."

Finally, Natty finds the ranch house.

Natty Dread: "Voodoo Riders, this is Natty Dread. Come back. Over."

Voodoo Rider: "What's happenin' Dread?"

Natty Dread: "I found the safehouse. About to level it... Stampede, if you listening: farewell... I'll send your girlfriend my regards. And maybe a little more..."

Vigilantes show up to protect it.

Snake Vargas: "Shadow Tree, this is Snake. Romeo there has been drilled. Mode Three intercept."

Shadow Tree: "Copy that Mode Three. Bearing one nine."

Natty Dread: "Blow out any colds you want. Ain't gonna do you no good. You all going six... under..."

Natty levels the ranch house and kills the vigilantes.

Natty Dread: "Adios, muchacho!"

He contacts the Voodoo Riders.

Natty Dread: "Voodoo Riders, cowboys are dust. Safehouse too. Our friend Stampede's nothing but blood and bones."

Voodoo Rider: "Copy, Dread. You gonna be famous."

To Natty's surprise, Taurus was not at the ranch house. He and Eloise left long before Natty arrived on the scene.

Taurus: "Oh, you like to think so. But what's this? Oh, I do believe I'm still here. Nice try, Natty fool! Gonna take a lot more to take down Stampede. Until next time..."

Natty Dread: "Indeed. Next time, Stampede... This ain't over..."