From world renowned Tyler-Barnett Industries comes the ultimate in auto-vigilante technology–the latest in a long tradition of the finest vehicle instrumentation. Presenting the Tyler-Barnett TB525 Limited Edition Vigilante Instrument Suite (VIS). Where road domination and elegance come together in perfect harmony.

Primary Display

1. Radar

State-of-the-art military technology provides for easy tracking and targeting of enemy vehicles. Enemies will appear as blips on the radar. The radar will sweep until locked onto a target at which point the sweep will follow the target.

2. Armor/Chassis Reinforcement

Making its debut for 1976, this new addition to the VIS tracks body armor and chassis reinforcement, making it easy to know when to change driving patterns during combat. There are two graphic displays comprising the basic outline of your vehicle. The outer tracks armor status (protection from weapons fire) and the inner tracks chassis reinforcement (protection from collisions). Any section that is damaged will light accordingly. Green indicates slight damage, yellow indicates moderate damage and red indicates severe damage.

3. Systems Gauge

A quick glance is all you need to know the status of your vehicle’s major components. Each component has its own indicator, which will light depending on the level of damage.

4. Weapons Display

Easy-to-use weapons display and ammunition counter. The display shows Forward facing weapons listed above the red and yellow stripe. Rear firing and Dropper weapons are listed below the stripe. Indicators conveniently placed next to each weapon will light when the weapon becomes damaged. White indicates no damage, green indicates slight damage, yellow indicates moderate damage and red indicates severe damage.

5. Compass

A standard compass that shows your directional heading. Provided free of charge with purchase of Limited Edition Package.

6. Drive Gear Indicator The gear indicator is often ignored, but not anymore. By repositioning it from the steering column to the dashboard, you can check your gear with a quick glance.

Secondary Instruments

7. Speedometer

Accurately track your speed with this finely-tuned precision instrument.

8. Tachometer

Also new for 1976, this shows your current RPMs.

9. Specials Display

When in the heat of battle, it’s hard to remember the little things. So, we’ve included the added luxury of a completely customizable Specials display, where you can easily list all of the goodies that have been added to your car.

Tyler-Barnett. . . Filling your auto-vigilante needs since 1972!